Here... at the Center of the World in Revolt

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Here... is the story of the composition of revolt broken into theory and practice. It is anarchist theory for the 21st century.

The opposition of individual and community is a false one, for every model of individual implies a community, and every community an individual. The Western individual is the building block of a community of commodities. The community of the homogeneous, disciplined revolutionists breaks down into well trained militants who will follow their leaders through any number of defeats. By abandoning blueprints as an artifact and rediscovering visions as an activity, we can reclaim the pancentric society that has room for all of us. Every single one of us is the center of society and therefore the master of our own activity, but because we understand ourselves not as separate individuals but as nodes of unending flows that only exist through our relationships, solidarity and mutual aid will be the most obvious organizing principles. Finally, the individualist and the communist can end their bitter war. The community will be regained through the complicity of all our individual alienations. We will destroy everything, but only so we can mend this fracture.

Pick up your weapons: it is time to heal!

Table of Contents

A dream that ends in shouting


A Brief History of the Machine

No Gods

The Word and the Body

Species and Relational Beings

Determinism, Determination

Ashes to Ashes, Network to Network

The Family Values of Production

The State as Warfare

Recovering the Imaginary

Democracy and White Supremacy

Stable State, Moving Capital

The End of Class

Ludd's Last Laugh

Information as Knowledge, Alienated

An Anarchist Theory of Value

Insurrection as Catharsis Reversed

Revolution as Pancentric Society


The Ecosystem of Revolt

Starting Points

Rhythms of Rebellion

Making History

The Stormcloud of the Plain

Appearances and Appearing

Conflictivity and a Well Balanced Struggle

Hurdling the Enclosures

Emma Goldman's Piano

A Beautiful Chaos

Allies, Enemies, and the Left

The New Communes

Riot to Insurrection to Revolution