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Anarchist News Ally (Annual)

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Minimum quantity for "Anarchist News Ally (Annual)" is 1. needs allies. We have been your singular source for anarchist news and commentary for nearly a decade (9 years in June of 2013) and devote a considerable amount of effort to simplifying the rough ride that is North American anarchism. We would like to invite you to participate in this project by becoming an Ally of Anarchist news. To start we will establish a "@news ally" category and provide you some services in exchange for you helping us with the cost of operating this place. Later we may expand this category in a few directions but to begin... Baseline (aka ally of anarchist news) email alias Invitation to ally-only forum (all meta @news and gossip) Capability to choose one roller / month $10 / month (or $100 / year)

This is for a one year "ally" subscription

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Little Black Cart

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