species being and other stories

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Announcing a long overdue cleaning up of this book, our first ever publication. We've learned a lot since putting out this book, including having people help with proofing, and now we can all read with a bit less wincing. This is still one of our favorite books, with all the hand-wringing personal idiosyncracies, and popular culture references intermingled with deep philosophy, harsh realism, imaginative writing styles, and historical reflections. A small but powerful punch.

In this small and rich text, one of the authors of Nihilist Communism introduces an anti-political perspective in the form of letters, essays, and dialogs.

I think where the book is most successful is in its refusal of a defined revolutionary politics – it articulates a specific rejection of received political forms that tend to lapse into disputes of ownership of those forms by very small groups of individuals who are themselves defined by unexamined allegiances. I think the book expresses the potential for other modes of organising and other definitions of success beyond that of "sell the party, build the paper." In this sense, it does not offer a set of arguments concerning what is or what must be the revolutionary structure so much as suggest a framework for assessing the claims of such structures.

An excellent review of species being is available here.

Table of Contents

Ah, Them Humunculi

earthen cup

Experience Follows Extrapolation


earthen cup Is a Solidification of Perspective

The Child Is Thirteen Days Old

Why Is earthen cup A Phantom Organisation?

Why Is It That Others Feel No Interest for Us?

December 18th, 2005/ 06:13PM

We Build Complex Assemblages

Found Objects Found

Organise - Gnosis

Reproduction and Revolt against Reproduction

On Revolt and Complex Reproduction

See, It Is the King Charles Bound Tightly

Brief Statements on Revolt and Structure

Letters to Outsurgents

Dear Scott

Dear F

Open Letter, to Gertrude de Civitatis

Dear CP

Dear Winston

To Edward Sexby

Dear S

Dear T

Dear A

Dear S

Epistle to some later Albigensians

Dear G

Dear Psychonaut

Dear T

Dear M

Dear T

Dialogues 2004-06

Oh Mama, What Is It

Comic Strip

You Say, I Say


Even So

Wycombe Caves


One Shoe