Green Anarchy 22

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Is There a Future in Technological Society? No.

In this issue we address a topic that, perhaps more than any other, separates green anarchists from most other anarchists and from the Left in general: that is, Technology, which is explored by looking at its logic, manifestations, and where technological society is going. Included are “Captives of Biology?” By Helena. “Technology and Class” by Wolfi Landstreicher, and “I am not a Machine, I am A Human Being” by Mia X. Kursions. News, reviews, letters, direct action news, and columns The Nihilist Dictionary and News from the Balcony (aka Waldorf and Statler), as well as news on prison escapes and uprisings, state repression, the beginning of Operation Greenscare, many pages of reviews, "Practical Rewilding" by Snype, and so much more. .