Abolishing the Borders from Below #27

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There is an enduring need to immediately abolish all states, governments, and authoritarian institutions so that communities based on common values such as freedom, respect, cooperation and solidarity can be formed. These communities in turn can lead to the transformation of the world order into one based on the above mentioned values. In order to push that process forward with support for the development of the anarchist movement over the borders we have created ... Abolishing the Borders from Below - an anarchist courier from Eastern Europe

This issue of this remarkable magazine includes:

Romania - survey in education, Poland - the revival of hierarchical institutions in education, Inicjatywa Uczniowska, Alternative education in Warsaw, the school leavers, Czechia - Romania anarchist education activities, Estonia - first anarchist network, Hungary - riots, Unnoticed news, announcements, ABC reports, Communities in struggle and more...