Precarious Rhapsody

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An infinite series of bifurcations: this is how we can tell the story of our life, of our loves, but also the history of revolts, defeats and restorations of order.

At any given moment different paths open up in front of us, and we are continually presented with the alternative of going here or going there. Then we decide, we cut out from a set of infinite possibilities and choose a single path. But do we really choose? Is it really a question of a choice, when we go here rather than there? Is it really a choice, when masses go to shopping centers, when revolutions are transformed into massacres, when nations enter into war? It is not we who decide but the concatenations: machines for the liberation of desires and mechanisms of control over the imaginary.

The fundamental bifurcation is always this one: between machines for liberating desire and mechanisms of control over the imaginary. In our time of digital mutation, technical automatisms are taking control of the social psyche.

Table of Contents

00. Bifurcations

The end of modern politics

01. When the future began

The social conflict and the political framework * From ironic messages to hyperbolic messages * Don't worry about your future, you don't have one * The nightmare after the end of the dream * The year of premonition

02. Info-labor/Precarization

Schizo-economy * The psychic collapse of the economy * The info-sphere and the social mind * Panic war and semio-capital * Splatterkapitalismus

03. The warrior and the merchant sage

The movement against the privatization of knowledge * From intellectuals to cognitarians * From the organic intellectual to the general intellect * The cognitariat and recombination * The cognitariat against capitalist cyber-time * The autonomy of science from power * Intellectuals, cognitarians and social composition

04. What is the meaning of autonomy today?

The alliance of cognitive labor and recombinant capital * Fractalization, despair and suicide

05. Frail psychosphere

Elephant * Connective Mutation * Acceleration, language, identity * Cyber-time, eroticism, desensitization * The obsession with identity * Ethics, sensitivity, sensibility

06. Dark desire

Discomfort and repression * Structure and desire * The domain of semio-capital * Pathologies of expressivity * Semiotics of schizophrenia * Interpretation and overload * Depression epidemics * The panic-depressive cycle * Sense depression truth * The social context of the depression epidemics * The inversion of the future

07.(t)error and poetry

08. Post-Futurism