Worker-Student Action Committees

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In May 1968, Fredy Perlman went to Paris on the last train before rail traffic was shut down by some of the strikes that were then sweeping Western Europe. He participated in the May unrest in Paris and worked at the Censier center with the Citroen factory committee. After returning to Kalamazoo in August, he collaborated with Roger Gregoire in writing Worker-Student Action Committees.

The book recounts their fascinating experiences in Paris when it seemed possible that a non-bureaucratic revolution was at hand.

Table of Contents


Part I

The Second French Revolution

Workers Occupy Their Factories

Citroen Action Committee-I

From Student Revolt to General Strike: A Frustrated Revolution

Citroen Action Committee-II

The May 20th Strike and the Occupation

The Gates are Shut by the CGT

Contacts at the Factory

The Foreign Workers' Dormitories

The Rank and File Committees

The Strike for Material Demands


Liberated Censier: A Revolutionary Base


Exemplary Character of the University Occupation

Revolutionary Consciousness of Social Power

The Unveiling of Repression and Propaganda

Part II

Evaluation and Critique

Limits of Escalation

Self-Organization in General Assemblies

Self-Organization in Action Committees

Critique of Actions

Partial Liberation of the Militants

Partial Character of the Revolutionary Theory