Love & Rage - Thought Crime Collective

Thought Crime Collective, Thought Crime Collective
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The first hip-hop cd offered on LBC

A variety of singers, ranging from east coast to west, sampled violins, songs named "Get Militant," "Smash the System," "Torn Eyelids, Open Iris," "Ground to the Bone," lyrics about ideology and homeland security, and ecocide, and a tagline that says - the end of politics, the beginning of all life. Based out of Olympia, WA.

Song List: Get Militant

Smash the System

Torn Eyelids, Open Iris

Ground to the Bone

Ganja and Guns

Take Back our Ports

Anarchists are Abolitionists

Pitiful Liberals

NY to NW

Femme Fatale



People before Profits

Destroy & Defend

The Rivers Run Dry

Break the Chains

Yuppie Ghost Town

Author :
Thought Crime Collective
Publisher :
Thought Crime Collective