My Own 1

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Self-Ownership and Self-Creation against all Authority

The second egoist newsletter to come out recently from the west coast, this is by a long-time intellectual vagabond, and this first edition includes quotations by Ret Marut and Renzo Novatore, a poerm by "a proletarian", pieces on "What is an Individual?," democracy, and reviews of Desert, Stone Junction, and A New Libertarian Manifesto, among other writings.

I am not trying to start a movement or gain adherents for a cause. This would itself promote a form of enslavement that may perhaps be radicalyl different, but that would still interfere with my self-creation and which would make me the tool of some imagined "higher power", the cause to which I have enchained myself... a thing that doesn't interest me in the least.

My Own is a provocation. I assume that's obvious to anyone who's read it... I want to provoke thought about the ideas expressed here. But since I don't have a gospel to spread, I also want to provoke discomfort among those who don't want to think and challenge their own sacred ideas. I'd rather drive such dullards away since they have nothing to offer me. This is why I play with words in a way that challenges even some of my own assumptions... So My Own is a game, a challenge, a wager. I am gambling that in this way, I will find the accomplices I desire.