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Anarchists in the Occupy Movement 2009-2011

Anarchists have been part of Occupy since before it was even clearly a movement. This is a book where anarchists, in their own words, express how and why they engaged in Occupy, what methods they used, and how to evaluate the success of Occupy on anarchist terms. It also expresses the flexibilty, energy, and experience that anarchists brought to The Occupy Movement as it moved beyond lower Manhattan onto the docks and streets of Oakland, the town square of Philadelphia, and abandoned buildings around the country.

The anarchists' way of operating was changing our very idea of what politics could be in the first place. This was exhilarating. Some occupiers told me they wanted to take it home with them, to organize assemblies in their own communities. It's no accident, therefore, that when occupations spread around the country, the horizontal assemblies spread too.
-From Nathan Schneider in The Nation

Contributors: Antistate STL, Anon, Ben Webster, Cindy Milstein, Crescencia Desafio, Crimethinc, David Graeber, Denver ABC, Dot Matrix, Ignite! Collective, ingirum, John Jacobsen, Phoenix Insurgent, R.R, Serf City Revolt, TEOAN, Tides of Flame, TriAnarchy

Table of Contents



From Tsarist Russia to Zuccotti Park: the Paradox of Anarchism by Thai Jones

Squatting in the Beginning by ADILKNO

We are the Crisis by anonymous

The Characteristics of the Occupation by anon

Resolution by Public Assembly of Syntagma

Ideas as Origins – Theory

Autonomous Organization and Anarchist Intervention by Wolfi Landstreicher

Occupy Wall Street's Anarchist Roots by David Graeber

Reclaim the Cities by Cindy Milstein

Occupied with Class by Phoenix Insurgent



Chicago – Open Letter to Occupy Chicago by some potential friends/enemies

Portland – An Anarchist Account by A Former Occupier

Southern Ontario – Why Are Anarchists Involved by Some Southern Ontario Anarchists

Vancouver – Occupation is a Fuckin' Freak Show & notes for We, Antagonists by d.

Chapel Hill – This Building is Ours by anonymous

Santa Cruz – 75 Hours In by anonymous


Who Threw the Can of Green Paint by Ben Webster

We are Anarchists by anonymous

We are Our Own Demands by Cindy Milstein


#occupywallstreet Begets by Ignite! Collective

Eyewitness Testimony by anonymous

Denver ABC Statement on Occupy Denver

St. Louis

Introduction by anonymous

Are We an Occupation or Just a Gathering by anonymous

N17 by anonymous


The Port Shutdown was a Wild Success! by anonymous

Capital Hell Commune by anonymous

Becoming Uncontrollable: an Anarchist Reflection on Occupy Seattle by anonymous


Open Letter to the Anarchists of Occupy Oakland by TEOAN

#occupyoakland: One Week Strong by Autonomous Individuals

Dear Occupy Oakland by ingirum

Letter from an Anonymous Friend after the Attack by anonymous

Oakland General Strike/Port Blockade

Statement on the Occupation of 520 16th St. by Some Friends of Occupy Oakland

Blockading the Port is only the First of Many Last Resorts by Society of Enemies

The Anti-Capitalist March and the Black Bloc by member of Bay of Rage

Oakland's Third Attempt at a General Strike by Hieronymous

Violence and the Police

Seven Myths about the Police by CrimethInc

Next Steps (Strategy)

The Other Way to Occupy Denver by igloosRforever

A Somewhat Belated Intro Communique by The Turritopsis Nutricula Collective

Occupy Wall Street Act 2 by Peter Lamborn Wilson

Occupy Boston's Anarchist Alliance Calls for Neighborhood-Based General Assemblies by anon

Occupy Wall Street's Next Steps by John Jacobsen


Lost in the Fog by Lost Children's School of Cartography

A Debate on Occupation and the 99% by Cresencia Desafio & R.R. (anon)

Occupation, the Other Word for Work by Wylden Freeborne

On the Recent #occupations: a communique from W.A.T.C.H.

Occupying Terminology by Dot Matrix

I'm Tired of This Shit by anonymous


Thank You Anarchists by Nathan Schneider