Queer UltraViolence Bash Back! Anthology

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This is a Bash Back! anthology. It takes a peek at the radical Queer tendency and/or (non)organization from 2007 to 2011.

The anthology includes interviews, analysis, communiques, and other documents relating to Bash Back! and the tendency that it spawned.

We view queer as the blurring of sexual and gender identities. Queer is the refusal of fixed identities. It is a war on all identity. In line with the Bash Back! tendency, for the uses of this anthology queer is trans because the gender binary is inherently oppressive. More often than not, our use of the term queer is interchangeable with our use oftrans, though that is not necessarily true of the way in which trans-whatever is used. With these notions we are not naïve. We acknowledge that society ensures Queer is an oppressed identity. Anti-Queer oppression is the systematic violence that people who fall outside of traditional sexual or gender categories encounter.

What others are saying about Queer Ultraviolence: a Bash Back! anthology

Bash Back: If Democracy doesn't work, try anarchy! -Chuck Norris
[Bash Back!] reflects the ways that mobs conducted themselves in the underworld. They are methods gangs use to control their turf. They are the wiles that the KGB used to suppress their enemies. But this is the United States of America…Revenge or retribution is not the American way. Is militant antagonism and vengeful aggression really the best Americans can offer to other Americans who oppose them? -J. Edgar Hoover
A mob of gay terrorists -Bill O'Reilly
What troubles me so deeply, and should trouble all thinking Americans, is that there is a real, unbroken line between the jihadist savagery in Mumbai and the hedonistic, irresponsible, blindly selfish goals and tactics of our homegrown sexual jihadists. -Pat Boone
Give me a FUCKING break! The Mormon Church and the Greek riots are totally unconnected! -Chuck0

Table of Contents

Introduction by Fray Baroque



Unconventional Queers

Forging a Praxis Of Vengeance

Dispatches From The War On God

Rejuvenating The Struggle Against Assimilation

The 2009 Bash Back! Convergence And Subsequent Drama

Communiques From Various G20 Riots

Toward A Criminal Queer Culture

Ariel Attack Goes To Court

Announcements, Callouts, And Other Random Shit You Should Still Read


Toward The Queerest Insurrection

Whore Theory

Criminal Intimacy

What Is It To Become Beautiful?

Interview With The Mary Nardini Gang

Hell Hath No Fury: A Chronology Of Genderfuck Insurrection

How Is It, To Be Done In The Ass?

Preliminary Notes On Modes Of Reproduction

Interview With Gender Mutiny

Questions To Be Addressed Before Denver

Destruction Not Separation: Some Thoughts On The Church And State

Identity, Politics And Anti-Politics: A Critical Perspective

Thoughts On Developing Anarchist Queer Theory

Reflections On The Demise of Bash Back!

Interview With An Editor Of Pink And Black Attack

Public Sex And Social War

“Let The Trans Women Speak!": A Response To Camp Trans 2010

Towards An Insurrectionary Transfeminism

The Failure Of The Correlative Form

Interview With Not Yr Cister Press


Bash Back! Is Dead; Bask Back Forever! Concluding Notes by Tegan Eanelli