Insurgent Theatre

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Insurgent Theatre has been performing pieces related to, touching on, and addressing radical struggles for well over ten years.

This collection of plays and essays comes out of that experience, with critiques of capitalism, personal reminiscences, thoughts on history and art, exhortations to action, and of course plays to be read and performed.

Every Insurgent Theatre audition flier has included the phrase "no experience necessary, dedication required" and that is no joke. I have driven thousands of miles, made and lost dozens of friends, gotten pistol-whipped, bit by a dog, punched in the balls, and threatened by masked thugs while performing. I"ve hung myself from a street sign, shown my butthole to over a thousand people, pulled many an all-nighter, and gone broke and into debt repeatedly for this project. It has absolutely been worth it. Insurgent Theatre has been an entry point to so many things, people, and ideas. We have performed these plays in basements, alleys, classrooms, parks, rooftops, super-max prisoner visiting booths, at global trade summits, and even in the occasional black box theatre.

from the forward

If this book inspires someone to create their own radical performance group, its job is done.

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