The BASTARD Chronicles 2015

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The second set of the Chronicles, being write-ups and thoughts about the presentations at the BASTARD Conference. The Berkeley Anarchist Students of Theory And Research & Development (BASTARD) Conference has been held the day after the San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair for over 10 years.

This year's theme was "Utopia and other Science Fictions", and the Chronicles includes some of the best workshops of the day: The Other Black Hoodies: Monasticism and Anarchist Utopias; LIBER NIHIL: the Book of Nothing/Magickal Nihilism; Attached to Happiness with a Chain: on slavery and BDSM in the work of Samuel Delany, as well as write ups about subversive films, the point and process of imagining our own utopias, critical thinking as a practice, Philip K. Dick the genius/the wingnut, the issues with commodification, and to start the whole day out, an awesome talk by Nick Mamatas on Hard Science and Soft Utopias.