Egoist Perspectives on Civilization

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Egoism at its core is about individual freedom and living a life fully embracing desires while rejecting those values which inhibit our desires. In Egoist Perspectives On Civilization, four short pieces attempt to bridge two disparate anarchist trajectories and examine what a green anarchism influenced by egoism might look like. (I)An-ok Ta Chai's Max & I uses Max Stirner's On Civilization, taken from The Unique and Its Property, to explore the question 'how would one connect the egoist philosophy of Stirner and a green or anti-civilization approach to anarchy?' In Nature as Spectacle: The Image of Wilderness vs. Wildness, Feral Faun takes a critical look at the concepts of nature and wilderness from an egoist perspective, contrasting these ideas with wildness. The next piece, Biocentrism: Ideology Against Nature, continues to dispel the myth that 'deep ecology' is a way to center nature, by reminding us that as soon as we reject our own nature for one outside of ourselves, we are inhabiting the world of ideology, rather than theory, constraining us rather than liberating us, killing our humanness, our wildness. The pamphlet closes with a provocative look at the perils of human consciousness and progress in Reclus: An Egoist Green Anarchist Exploration by Fire.


"On Civilization" (excerpts from The Unique and Its Property by Max Stirner)

"Max & I" by (I)An-ok Ta Chai

"Nature as spectacle: The image of wilderness vs. wildness" by Feral Faun

"Biocentrism: Ideology Against Nature" (First published in Live Wild Or Die! #1)

"Reclus: An Egoist Green Anarchist Exploration" by Fire