Hostis 2

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Herein lay a series of engagements and debates that are perfect for the journal format. Where lay the dangers of visibilty? What is the terrain by which cruelty (towards comrades and enemies) makes sense? How does vengeance inform a discussion about how to end patriarchy? What are the limits of war discourse?

Anyway, this fantastic issue contains some material that has sprung up online first. Beyond Recognition features

  • Five Theses on the Politics of Cruelty
  • A Letter to the Editor – Mary Nardini Gang
  • A Cautious Reply
  • La guerre veritable / The Real War - Anonymous
  • Contre l'état d'urgence, l'urgence de prendre la rue - Anonymous
  • Notes on People Who Have Been Surveilled by the Police or the State Asked to Take A Picture That Reveals Nothing About Them - Gabriel Saloman
  • The Tyranny of Imagery: Or, How to Escape the Zoopraxiscope - Anonymous
  • No Selves to Abolish: Afro-Pessimism, Anti-Politics, and The End of the World - K. Aarons
  • Peak Panik - Helge Peters and Johannes Büttner

Good reading for Summer '16.