Black and Green Review 3

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The latest edition of Kevin Tucker's publication

As the back cover states, "we live with the possibility of a primal closure. All around us aspects of the modern world--diet, exercise, medicine, art, work, family, philosophy--have begun a long circle back toward their former coherence. Whether they can arrive before the natural world is damaged beyond repair and madness destroys humanity, we cannot tell." - Paul Shepard

table of contents

opening editorial by john zerzan


The Wind Roars Ferociously: Four Legged Human

The Sacred Sunrise: Ian Smith

Intermissions: Green Light of Life: Charly Aurelia

Decadence and the Machine: John Zerzan


Adding to the Noise: Ian Smith

Some Thoughts on Civilization and Collapse: Jeriah Bowser

Zero Chill: Cliff Hayes

Over the Barrel: Interview with Richard Heinberg


True Crime Case Files: Sabotage against the natural gas industry

Symbiotic Relationships: Is the mosquito necessary?

Stop Waiting: Interview with Josh Harper

Informants and Information: Interview with Lauren Regan

Wild Resistance, Insurgent Subsistence: Interview with BC green anarchists

Field Work in the End Times, part 3


Lights Out, reviewed by Story Teller