Anarchy: a journal of desire armed 77

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Anarchy magazine, aka AJODA, is one of the longest running anarchist magazines, and is a publication by and for anarchists, discussing and critiquing topics generally from a post-left perspective. You can read the editorial for this issue here.

This issue of AJODA is ripe with fiction, including an interesting take on Noir, that calls the genre that of "the rebel, those who break taboos," etc, as well as pieces by long-term AJODA participants Lisa Dianne and John Henri.

Table of Contents:

Book Reviews: Imaginal Machines and Precarious Rhapsody, Bad English

Essays: Reinstating the State in Anarchist Critique; Theological Residues; Having No Dog in the Fight: AK Press

column: Transgressive Crime Fiction and Noir

Fiction: Lies Retold; Homuncula

Media Reviews

Embarrassments to the Milieu

Survey: Why Are You Reading this Magazine?