Products of Desire

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This work features excerpts from three pieces which explore the ways a desire for the impossible changes the way we see reality itself. Patrick Galbraith explores affection for anime characters as resistance to society, J. Keith Vincent looks at the queerness of a desire that "decouple[s] sexual desire from social identities and naturalized bodies", and Toshio Okada (of Gainax fame) and Kaichiro Morikawa debate fans as anti-social vs. fans as customers.

From the editor's introduction: "Much like fans, the anarchist imagination disturbs the real, opening spaces of intensity in which we can explore "new possibilities of being". The recognition that the reality we inherit from the world we are born into is a product, and not one we want, offers the exciting and exacting possibility of our lives, relationships, and the world around us taking on new forms "without limit or control" shaped by our desires."