Snitch Series 1: Towery

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In the days of an active anarchist scene in Tacoma, Washington, there was an informant who infiltrated that scene. This pamphlet is from the first-person accounts of two of the anarchists who were closest to him during his time undercover.

In the interest of exposing and exploring what the various faces of infiltration are, how different people and scenes have dealt with them, how they were outed, and more, we introduce our Informant Series. This series is not about name-calling or grandstanding; it is definitely about having a realistic sense of what infiltrators have looked like, sounded like, and how they have acted, and sometimes, about what not to do in the future.The series will emphasize first-person accounts.

Even in the best case scenario, infiltration is never an easy thing to recover from, scenes have been betrayed, and even if folks made no mistakes in their security, we're left feeling disoriented and destabilized. More stories about how infiltration actually happens can only help us to prepare and recover from the future instances we all know will happen.