Fired by the Ideal

Giuseppe Ciancabilla, Kate Sharpley Library
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Italian American Anarchist Responses to Czolgosz's Killing of McKinley

…we wish no tragedy because we are the foes of violence and averse to the spilling of the blood of our fellows; but an iron logic, the product of brutal criminality, of the power of men exercised upon their fellow men, and of the benighted cowardice of him who obeys, means that we can see no solution to the problem of the freedom of all and of each, other than in the dogged, constant rebellion of the oppressed against the oppressor…

[w]e anarchists contend that the individual who stands highest on the social ladder and best embodies the political and economic oppression from which the labouring people suffers horribly, that individual is naturally the one most exposed to eruptions of rebellion from the oppressed and disinherited, from sufferers with emancipated minds as well as from empty-bellied sufferers...

- from the pamphlet

Author :
Giuseppe Ciancabilla
Publisher :
Kate Sharpley Library