Tsuji Jun: Japanese Dadaist, Anarchist, Philosopher, Monk

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This is a collection of brief writings about Tsuji Jun, by Erana Jae Taylor. It includes a brief biography, background and context, and the relationship of his thinking to people like Nietzsche and Stirner.

The fertile interdisciplinary nature of Tsuji's interests is part of what makes him such a fascinating topic, and this breadth lends itself to any number of angles for study. Surely this is a contributing factor as to why so many Japanese have chosen to write about him, each wanting to tell Tsuji's story from their own angle. As a result we find titles ranging from Nihilist: the thought and life of Tsuji Jun; Love for Tsuji Jun ( a lover's memoir); Nomad Dadaist Tsuji Jun; Madman Tsuji Jun: Shakuhachi Flute, the sound of the universe, and the sea of Dada; and Tsuji Jun: Art and Pathology, among others.