Holy CD

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Inspired by a mix of avant-garde hip hop (busdriver, Sole, Vince Staples) and more traditional boom bap (Rocky Rivera, Oddisee, Bambu), Holy is part personal storytelling, part individualist-anarchist manifesto. Includes the singles "Fumiko Kaneko", "Death Cult", and others. Runtime is approximately 39 minutes.

1. Holy
2. The Guillotine Block
3. Clench
4. At the Cafe (feat. Cyborganics)
5. Fumiko Kaneko
6. Coffee
7. Stringlights (feat. Big Lo)
8. Can I Pay my Rent in Raps?
9. Lungs
10. Death Cult
11. Running for the Road (feat. Motivves, Cyborganics)
12. Blackhole