From Mazas to Jerusalem

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An Anarchist Outside on the Run, by Zo d'Axa; translated by Wolfi Landstreicher.

In the early 1890s, Zo d'Axa was the editor of an anarchist weekly called L'Endehors (Outside), which favored fierce, active rebellion against all forms of authority. In 1892, the French authorities arrested and imprisoned him, with many other anarchist publishers, for writing and publishing materials considered dangerous to the French republic.

Shortly after his release, he again wrote something the authorities found offensive. Rather than go back to prison, he chose to go underground. This book is his account of his adventures during that time.

One of the very few books published by Black Powder Press, this is a nice little book by and about a lesser-known indivdualist (you might have been introduced to him in Enemies of Society).