Scoundrel History and Utopian Method

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This pamphlet brings an article written by someone calling themselves "Le Libertaire," presumed to be Louise Michel, and recently translated by John Tresch.

An older anarchist who was famous among her friends for having played hookey to go meet Emma Goldman, and who was loath to acknowledge any heroes at all, as anarchists are not about idolizing others, did once acknowledge with chagrin that Louise Michel was in fact her hero. We're happy to offer this pamphlet of resistance from another time of repression and sadness.

I was moved by an emotion of shock and recognition at once. Some part of me had already realized that I was not in the presence of a great man, but rather a great woman--no wizened brother of the struggle, but a sister. Instantly I felt myself uncannily at home, safe at last in a place I'd never been--truly at home, perhaps, for the first time in my life. This hero, epitome of the courage and intelligence the world saw as masculine, was a woman like myself.