Backwoods #1

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note: the reprints have smudges from the printer. be warned they are not pristine objects, but come from the hard-working hands of Eberhardt Press. Celebrate anarchist projects!

a journal of anarchy and wortcunning

"We indict the Civilization of Leviathan as a truly insane way of life predicated on the creation of States to enforce the enslavement of the many so that the parasitic few may acquire absurd wealth and influence. Such social relations are poisonous to all involved, being based on venality and coercion, ridiculous commodity fetishism, and the death of real human community through domination and atomization."

Edited by Bellamy Fitzpatrick, Fera Sylvain, and Thuggy Whiskers, PhD.

Table of Contents: Welcome to the Backwoods, An Invitation to Desertion, Pockets of Happiness (by Toby Hemenway in conversation with Backwoods), A Forest Garden Primer (by Sylvia Wilde), The Garden Path (by Kanzan Kitsune), On Subsistence and Slavery (by Fera Sylvain), Reviews (In Search of the Masterless Men of Newfoundland reviewed by Bellamy Fitzpatrick, Anti-Tech Revolution reviewed by Peter Lamborn Wilson, Permaculture: Practical Solutions Beyond Sustainability and Permaculture Design: Regenerating Life Together, both reviewed by Bellamy Fitzpatrick), and Against Sustainability, by Peter Lamborn Wilson.

This is a pretty journal from Enemy Combatant, illustrated with woodcuts. This introduces some interesting new writers, and anyone who is missing Bellamy's input in Free Radical Radio or the Brilliant will be happy to see this journal, and of course Peter Lamborn Wilson is always interesting.