NegaZine 1 - 2017

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Those who agree that the clash with an enemy about to crush us and the struggle to assert our - anarchist - vision of life is perfectly valid, but think we should get over it and seek some paradisiac oasis and mutual goodwill, made a mistake in starting to read these lines. So they might as well stop reading here.

We are going to talk about the joy that we feel, and that we hope our readers feel, attacking the enemy. That is our sole reason for giving life to this new publication, a journal, to be precise.

Table of Contents: Editorial, Technology, Two languages, Technological control, Sleeping, Drugs, Litanies, The long shadows over the wall, Seeing, How, when, and why, and if it still makes any sense, And now?

A rare new title from the excellent Elephant Editions, with pieces by Bonanno. Ernesto Pris, Mariangela Vella, and anonymous.