The Right to Be Greedy

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Theses on the practical necessity of demanding everything.

Originally published by Loompanics in 1974, this was written by a group from the US Situationist scene calling themselves For Ourselves: Council for Generalized Self-Management.

The marxism of the Sits is leavened by Stirner, or maybe vice versa.

Our reversal of perspective on egoism n1, our detournement n2 of "greed," and the scandalous effect which this produces and is intended to produce in the prevailing consciousness, is no mere formal trick, and no arbitrary play on words. Words, and precisely because of their meanings, are a real part of history, of the "historical material," and of the historical process. To abandon them to their usurpers, to invent new words, or to use other words because of the difficulty of winning back the true, historic words, is to abandon the field to the enemy. It is a theoretical concession, and a practical concession, which we cannot afford.

This text also uses a creative and somewhat intricate footnote system, which might delight puzzle lovers.

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