Fifth Estate #401 summer 2018

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This issue of this long-running anarchist and/or anarchist-friendly magazine reprises their theme of summer reading for 2018, and features a cover that hits multiple anarchist sweet spots. (Of course, PM Press supplied the cover image, so semi-subliminal marketing alert.) Aside from articles on mass shootings, organizing against white supremacy, a Black man in the IWW, green anarchy (mentioning Chellis Glendenning's book My Name is Chellis etc.), and the danger of fascist/leftist overlap, there is a center section full of books. Included are Hitler's American Model, Darlingtonia, Indivdualist Anarchism/Revolutionary Sexualism, Anarchy Explained to My Father, Piss-Pants and Other Coming of Age Stories, Life Among the Piutes, Against the Grain, In Search of the Masterless Men of Newfoundland, May Made Me: An Oral History, and a reprint of Margaret Killjoy's list of well known authors who were also anarchists. And of course, more (fifty years since Paris, poetry by Jose Sepulveda, thoughts on the Black Panther Avengers movie, etc).

Also, layout this issue is pretty nice, good use of color.