How Nonviolence Protects the State

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Since the civil rights era, the doctrine of nonviolence has enjoyed near-universal acceptance by the US Left. Today protest is often shaped by cooperation with state authorities--even organizers of rallies against police brutality apply for permits, and anti-imperialists usually stop short of supporting self defense and armed resistance. How Nonviolence... challenges the belief that nonviolence is the only way to fight for a better world. In a call bound to stir controversy and lively debate, Peter Gelderloos invites activists to consider diverse tactics, passionately arguing that exclusive nonviolence reinforces the same structures of oppression that activists seek to overthrow.

Peter Gelderloos has been a consistent anarchist, post-Left-friendly writer for years. This version of this book is from the new publishing project, Detritus Books, out of the PNW area.