Black Seed #7

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A Journal of Indigenous Anarchy
The 2019 issue is here! 24 pages rich with goodness. Finally finishing the interview started in issue 5, and starting one with the Anpoa Duta Collective, featuring two pieces each by Aragorn! and Dominique, provocative and brilliant and engaged thoughtfully with issues, many of which others don't even begin to address, like the relationship of indigeneity to antiblackness, questions about context and online communication (aka why we are vague), what tokenism looks like in today's green anarchism, why anthropology is such a problem (most of the time), and so on. This issue also brings us a review section, including Goat's thoughts on Ellul, Voyer, and Paoli (and we welcome Goat as a new editor!), and Mallory Wournos' review of An Uninhabitable Planet, a book that is getting lots of air time right now on mainstream media.

This journal just gets better and better, I'm telling you. It also includes art from an amazing artist, Norval Morrisseau, who you should check out, because his paintings should be seen in their amazing full color.