Backwoods #2

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The long-awaited second issue of this Journal, subtitled "a journal for autochthonous anarchy."

The table of contents: Tending the Goddess by Tamarix (on "reinhabitation," Grief, and agriculture as an ethic of rape ; Or a Thousand Worlds by Vincent Vulgare (a review of Dale Pendell's The Great Bay); What Does the World Desire by Bellamy Fitzpatrick (on the case for panpsychism); Where the Wild Things Are(n't) by Benjamin Weiss (on regenerating the the transitional zone between human habitations and wilderness); a response to Backwoods by Layla AbdelRahim called The Storyteller Who Ate the World; and a "backpage rant" by Lynn Margulis.

74 pages of pretty design, interesting ideas, and some practical provocations.

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