Savage Eloquence

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Reason, rationality, inductivism, and totalizing metanarratives are weapons civilization has always used to legitimize its all-encompassing predations and butchery. So perhaps it’s most useful, when critiquing civilization, to subvert the enemies’ language of pre-designed validation or abandon it entirely in favor of more primal, animistic and untamed modes of expression. This pocket-sized declaration of war collects a multiplicity of voices launching mythopoetic assaults on the Grand Fables and foundational “unities” of civilization—voices which deliberately aim to disturb the globalizing social code of colonization and conquest. Taken individually and collectively, their effect is to sweep aside the visionless concrete ghettoes, imaginal trailer-parks and mental urbanization of the domesticated subject—stripping away the clutter of mechanical verbalizations, the layers of conceptual plastic, the commodity-culture programming and the benumbed lifestyle of diversions that cloud our awareness to the horror of it all.