Defiance: anarchist statements before judge and jury

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from the back cover:

As long as there have been anarchists, we have come into conflict with the law. From the workplace to the street, our actions have put us before judges and juries time and again. Many of us have chosen to maintain our defiant opposition to the law, despite the threat of punishment. This anthology collects the words of anarchists facing condemnation by a court system we don’t believe in.

“...the dock has been the most efficient and, permit me to say it, the most glorious of our platforms.” —Errico Malatesta

Organized chronologically from 1871 to 2016, here are the court statements from beloved figures from Louise Michel, Kropotkin, Clement Duval, Louis Leveille, and Ravachol, just to name the first five. 250 pages of fire and reason, from some of anarchists' most eloquent fighters. Includes lesser known figures, more women than usual, and some photographs, in this (per usual) nicely designed book from Detritus.