Manual for Revolutionary Leaders

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People in the US, including revolutionaries here, suffer from a lack of historical and international perspective, which would deepen and make more relevant their actions, alliances, and understandings.

Ardent Press is delighted to re-print an offering from Red and Black that substantively addresses that lack.This updated version includes all the footnotes (a significant part of the text).

Originally published in the 70s but still more than relevant, presented here are a series of quotations, expository writings, and vignettes that will clarify many of the issues plaguing today's committed radicals.

If we were going to change one thing about this Manual for Revolutionary Leaders today it would be the title. If there is one lesson to draw from the political work our comrades have done over the past four decades it is the lesson of Seattle, of Occupy, and of the anti-racist work done today in the streets all over the US: the lesson is that leadership isn't about one person. Leadership is about your neighborhood, it's about your elders, and it's about Community. A better title for this book, that we beg you to consider as you read the colloquial terms used in the original text, would be A Manual for Revolutionary Community Leaders. It is in the spirit of contributing to that community that we share this new edition.

from the new introduction by A. Blankee