Iolaus' Lament -or- Why You Should Move to the Country

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This book is anti-civ and pro DIY. A manifesto rant using the metaphor of the hydra, each head of which is a different kind of attack on our autonomy, and on the importance of being able to do things for ourselves, especially since we're trying to take apart the system that so many of us rely on.
Poetic, and impassioned.
"This is for those who see what we have done and are doing to our home, to each other and to ourselves. For those who daily carry this weight and know there is no resolving it, no matter the lies repeated or prayed, the outcome of the next election or how educated or empowered the population is. For those who cannot settle with the easy justifications, the convenient explanations, the self-absolving blaming of others or the cowardly fall-backs. This is for those who know that the real answers do not lie within the parameters allowed to us, like voting, purchasing, protesting, posting and rioting.
This is for those who know that the nightmare of our culture is only deepening as the world flails. And not all of these people; among them, this is for those who are dissatisfied with our responses of irony and sarcasm, indifference and bacchanalia - unfulfilled by the hip activism, the safe anger and the pseudo-sacrificial liberalism."

 from the introduction