Green Anarchy 16

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Winter 2004, part 2

What I Wish I had Said on September 12, 2001 by an anonymous nihlist

Theses On Anarchism After Post-Modernism by Bob Black

The revolutionary Imperative of “Going Native” by Rob Los Ricos

Earthskills by Wildroots

This is Anarcha-Herbalism by Laura Luddite

Biotechnology: Public and Private by Rene Riesel

Reclaiming the Tao Te Ching for Anarchy

The Witch and the Wildness, by Kevin Tucker

The Garden of Peculiarities: Fragment 8

The Question of Cultivation

News from the Balcony with Waldorf and Statler

and reviews, reviews, reviews, and columns on political prisoners, state repression news, anarchist resistance around the world, etc.