Returning to the Family Question

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Anarchist Writing about the Family 1888-1908

The debate over restructuring, reworking, challenging, and/or dismantling the moral value of The Family has always been an important part of anarchist ideas. The critique and challenge to The Family and marriage has run through most anarchist currents from anarchist communism to egoism. As many anarchists rallied for gender and queer liberation, they argued that these liberations could not be  separated from the abolition of the nuclear family, marriage, and monogamy. In recent years, the question of the family has been dropped from many anarchist discussions. This return to older debates around the family offers anarchists and opportunity to think about or re-open anarchist discussions of the family question.

A collection of essays from various publications (including but not limited to Liberty, The Firebrand, Lucifer the Light-Bearer,  and Mother Earth). Edited by Chris Kortright, published by Changing Suns Press

Authors include well-known names like Moses Harmon, Voltairine de Cleyre, and Emma herself, to lesser-known folks like Kate Austin, Lillie D. White, Sadie Magoon, Wilda Homefield, Viroqua Daniels, and more.