Incendiary Dialogues

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for the Propagation of Anarchic Sedition

From International Negra Ediciones

We publish the exchange of ideas between three comrades who are already committed to the development of anarchic informality and the propagation of destructive negation: Alfredo Cospito, Gabriel Pombo da Silva, and Gustavo Rodriguez.

Although some of the texts included here have been published before, their re-reading and joint edition places them in the dimension of a dialogue, which is always necessary to problematic reality and encourages the exercise of a criticism and self-criticism that leads to constant experimentation and makes us freer and more dangerous in the anarchic war against all authority.

from the back cover

While we at LBC may not agree with some of the directions hinted at in the text quoted above (crit, self-crit? freer?), we appreciate the intention, at any rate. This pamphlet includes an introduction to International Negra Ediciones, and to each of the included writers, and the articles "The Autism of the Insurrectionsts," "Brief Informative Report about the Weather," and "Marginal Contributions to an Ongoing Debate."