Return Fire #6 autumn 2020

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Wide ranging anarchist anthologies, submissions, translations and editorials since 2013, from the British Isles and beyond.

This issue offers "Anarchism in the Northeast and Beyond (introducing the Beautiful Idea afresh)," "Green Capital and Environmental Leaders Won't Save Us" (a review of Planet of the Humans), "23 Theses Concerning Revolt (how can we stop defeating ourselves each time)," "Rebels Behind Bars (texts by prisoners and repression news)," "Memory as a Weapon (continuities from the meeting of worlds to this day)," "Skills and Sabotage (a return to the body through subverting public space)," and other informed and engaging articles. Reminiscent of Green Anarchy

if a bit less polemical (and, tragically, without the humor of anything like Waldorf and Statler).

Over 65 full size pages of good reading.