Oystercatcher 18

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This issue of this surrealist British Columbian publication from Ron Sakolsky has a dramatic full-color spread, and features the whimsical, thoughtful, playful poems, pictures, and articles that will help get us through an overly linear time.

Here's a poem from the May Day Greetings introduction to the issue:

Oh my Telegraph line
said the white man
My Rail line

My Pipe line

Oh, my Bottom line

My Property line

My Police line

Oh my Power line

My Party line

My Border line

My Linear time

My Assembly line

My Product line

Oh My! I'm Online

Big Brained and Stream-lined

Measurable, Predictable, Manageable?

One Silver-lining

On the horizon

Being the Social Question:

Shall I Keep in line?

Letters from friends, "Beyond the Ecology of Presence: Being Anarchists on Indigenous Lands," "Amok" by Steven Cline, a proposal for a surrealist game, "Transmorgraphy" by Janice Hathaway, Lady of Sensual Ecstasy a poem by LaDonna Smith, "Diane di Prima: the she-wolf" on di Prima as anarchist poet and surrealist provocateur, and more, including book reviews of Rant and Dawdle by Colston Wilmott (Bill Smith) and Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments by Saidiya Hartman.