Nevermore! #1

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An anarchist journal of heresy and thoughtcrime

A magazine of international pieces, encouraging us to recognize and respond to the world that is different now than it was in 2019. The table of contents= Introduction, Welcome to Nevermore!, Our Dignity in Quarantine, How Can We Resist?, We are Heathen, Who are We Fighting?, The World has Gone Mad, To Reclaim Autonomy, Anarchist Response to Covid-19, Our Position on the Covid-19 Crisis, The Emerging Political Divide, Kissing is Prohibited, Thank You for Reading, and We Shall Abolish the Orgasm! (this last is a quotation from George Orwell, not a goal... Just sayin'!)

From "We here at NEVERMORE believe in print media. Social media algorithms have been working against us for a long time, but as tech companies and governments seek to censor the internet, our voices risk becoming increasingly marginalized. We can’t afford to be reliant upon social media for the dissemination of our ideas. It’s time to prioritize the creation and dissemination of physical media. Furthermore, the act of distributing physical media brings like-minded people into contact with one another, thereby creating the opportunity for relationships to be forged."

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