Fifth Estate Summer 2021 #409

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Letters, Cuba, music and domestication, the Paris Commune, the Spanish Revolution, Karen Pickett on 40 years of the EF! Journal, Bill Weinberg on Belarus, Ania Aizman on Teaching from Tolstoy to Pussy Riot,  anarchist reviews of books like Judas and the Black Messiah, 1984: the graphic novel, and the ever-present MORE.

This issue's theme, "What's Next? Demand the Impossible" is a challenge to all our imaginations. We live in a world faced with the scourge of a plague, and in a country that is an armed madhouse with a good portion of its population seemingly gone off the rails with fascist rage and white fear.  What appears in these pages is nothing like a blueprint for where or how to focus our energies. We know well what we don't want and what doesn't work. In general, we know that creating alternative communities of resistance is what brings results and can provide a model of the world we desire.