Cured Quail volume II

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Do NOT be fooled by the image of the cover, this volume from the UK is very pretty, if perhaps sporting a cover too subtle for online. This was printed in 2020, and the opening one line quotation from Baldesar Castiglione: "There are some illnesses that only grow worse, the more they are treated," is one for our times, for sure. The table of contents: For a Dialectical Concept of Culture, by Marcel Stoetzler, On Dosing Culture, by Christopher Crawford, How to Scratch off Wallpaper, by Veronika Russell, Art and Social Reality: Historical Origins of Aesthetic Abstraction, by Ross Wolfe, A Short Twenty-First Century, by Paul Barrow, Fichte's Ghost, by Rebecca Carson, Residue of the Absurd:Adorno and the Reconciliation of Poetic Lyric, by George Kovalenko, Empowerment: An Infantile Disorder, by Eric-John Russell, and seven more, addressing art, the imagination, narcissism, capitalism, Freud, Marcuse, and more... make this 280 pages of rich reading.