Fifth Estate #406 Spring 2020

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This issue has the theme of the call for justice, with articles on Exarchia, Google. the 2020 election, the draft, zines refusing to die, a piece by Cara Hoffman on domestic terrorism, vaccines, indigenous anarchy (an article called "Anarchy in the Midwest" on pre-european indigenous societies, a topic also addressed in the new book by Sean Swain, called Ohio), a rejection of syntax (etc) in a surrealist piece called "The Liberation of the Word," John Clark's "Justice: What it is, what we want." on anarchic justice at the end of history, Ron Sakolsky's "Parable of the Horseshoe Crab and the Seagull," some trial statements from unrepentant anarchists (Alexandre Jacob, Ann Hanson, and Eric King); fiction by Anne Babson, support for some anarchist prisoners by awesome Robcat (who publishes Fire Ant); more on justice in "Justice: Not conditioned in heaven," info on Chile by Jesus Sepulveda, and some book reviews. Fun!