Fifth Estate #407 Fall 2020

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The tagline for this issue is "Where we live".

There are articles on George Floyd, other murders by cops, resistance in the streets, some of the history of slavery in the u.s., life in Seattle's CHOP, Wayne Price on the continuing need for a revolutionary anarchist movement; the continuing failure of the state in the pandemic; "Liberating Public Health from the State;" Fran Shor on Camus' The Plague, "Life and Rewilding in the Pandemic;" reflections from Greece in "Collective Action in the Time of Covid-19;" Bill Weinberg in "Two Faces of Fascism;" Charlie Ebert on "Planning Living Spaces for a Revolutionary Future: Questions we have to ask;" thoughts on the uprising in Chile by Gary Hughes, Anne Petermann, and Orin Langelle; John Clark on "The Communal Basis of Social Transformation;" David Rovics on "The Strike that's Coming" about rent strikes; fiction about Vanzetti; a little-known anarchist commune in Manchuria; and book reviews.