Oystercatcher 19

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This lovely edition of Sakolsky's surrealist anarchist journal features letters, a celebration of mayday, a piece on the 100 year birthday of surrealism (according to Breton), and the continuing mix of history, art, fiction, poetry, and commentary that makes this fun and well-rounded publication a delight.

All and Each One: a dialectic of poetic rebellion

Nature is the Marvelous that the Surrealist Seeks

Fairy Creek Fanfare

Absolute Divergence: Charles Fourier and the Right to be Lazy

Become Unsensible

Response to La Sirena's "enquiry into the poetry made by all"

Towards a Unified Field: a conversation with Ben Morea

A Noxious Winterlude

The Value of Other Valuations: Richard Gilman-Opalsky's The Communism of Love