Anti-Gender Monstrosity

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We found this at the bay area bookfair, and found the author through twitter, and all in all, this has been quite the mix of media.

"Violence against the gender binary is not only necessary to undo the violence it inflicts on all of us, it is the natural and innate reaction of those who refuse gendered domestication. My position on this gendered purgatory is one of total negation; I do not attack gender out of a positive programme or political aspiration, rather, I chase the radical allure of Nothingness in my sprint towards freedom. In addition to being a negation of gendered domestication, the practice of adopting it/its pronouns is also a pursuit into the realm of time travel and an unraveling of the flow of time."

Who wouldn't want to read this!?

Thanks for all who helped get this into our hands, most especially the author, Rebellious, I.