Backwoods #3

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Ok! It's finally here! It's in limited production, as there are complications still, but at least some issues are available, and we are hopeful that the production kinks will be ironed out.

This hefty issue, approximately 200 pages, is full of permaculture, thoughts and advice on diet, interviews, reviews, forest projects, desertion, garden volunteers, reality, recipes, fables, and discourses on the theme of voluntary servitude.

Arguing that "anarchists sorely need a practical way forward that involves an orientation toward ecological harmony, radical decentralization, and the cultivation of relationships with nonhuman organisms that are enlivening rather than dissociative--permaculture offers a way towards these ends," this journal is the hot newness in some green anarchist circles, and there's plenty here to sink one's teeth into. Included are new names as well as beloved authors like Ron Sakolsky, Invechiare Selvatico (who has a new book out with us, as well), and of course Bellamy Fitzpatrick, of Free Radical Radio and The Brilliant, as well as some more controversial efforts since those two podcasts.