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September 2013

One of the LBC anti-state commie offerings, along with Everything Must Go, Sic #2, etc.

In this issue of the journal, the group stops just reporting on movements, and does more analyizing.

Table of Contents:

Editorial; The Holding Pattern; The Logic of Gender; A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats; Logistics, Counterlogistics, and the Communist Prospect (Jasper Bernes); The Limit Point of Capitalist Equality (Chris Chen); Spontaneity, Mediation, Rupture.

Every stage of the development of the class struggle must overcome the traditions of previous stages if it is to be capable of recognizing its own tasks clearly and carrying them out effectively...The revolution thus develops through the process of internal struggle. It is within the proletariat itself that the resistances develop which it must overcome; and in overcoming them, the proletariat overcomes its own limitations and matures towards communism.

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