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Little Black Cart is going out of business. The reasons why are buried in mystery. Some say that the people behind it are going to the moon. Some say they are leaving to make <em>Atassa: The Movie</em>. Some say that they've been bought by Elon Musk and Woody Harrelson.

Regardless, December 2023 is the last month of the distro being in operation, so to be safe, get your orders in before then.

This website will remain as an informational page, with links to an upcoming online publishing assistance project, places to get at least some of our books and pamphlets, the capacity to accept donations for sites like,,, etc., and how to sign up for the intern program. 

We've had a phenomenal time doing this project, learned so much, and met so many awesome people. Heartfelt thanks to so many of you for being part of it with us..

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